Feel like a boss in Russia: How to get things done without ever leaving your room

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Fed up with Moscow’s gloomy winter weather and just want to stay inside? Don’t have the energy to do basic chores? Well, now you can feel yourself the classic lazy aristocratic hero of 19th century literature, Ilya Ilyich Oblomov. Without ever getting out of bed you can order a wide range of services that cater to your every whim and need. Go ahead; indulge your inner Oblomov!

1. Food

With plenty of apps to help you order food from McDonalds and other fast food restaurants, you can be certain that you’ll never starve in Moscow. Among the most popular services are Delivery Club, Foodfoxand internationally known Uber Eats. Also, you can order your personal chef who comes to your place to cook.

2. Cleaning

If only this service existed when we were young, and our moms forced us to clean our rooms! With the click of a button a professional cleaner comes the same day, and does everything at an affordable price! Most services, such as Qlean, send random people, but if you prefer a specific worker, then you can ask for her or him again.

3. Husband for an hour

No, this is not what you think. Need to put a few nails in the wall, or fix broken furniture? These guys can help. While some people might find it offensive to call a cleaner, “wife for an hour,” these workmen and craftsmen have thicker skins and their feathers aren’t so easily ruffled.

4. Banya on wheels

Want some traditional Russian fun? Order a banya! With one click a special banya mobile brings you steam and will whip you good with birch tree brooms. By the way, you can buy a banya on wheels and move it about just like a yacht on a trailer. Isn't that just perfect?

5. Entertainment

If you’re going to throw a party, and you’ve already ordered food and drinks, invited friends via social media, cleaned your apartment (all without getting out of bed), then it's time to think how to entertain your guests. You can order all sorts of table games Mosigra; or you can order an intellectual quiz game (very popular in bars across Russia) Mosquiz; or order a singer or musical band for your party, but be ready to fork out lots of cash.

6. Gym and yoga

When the fun festivities are over, and you feel it’s about time to at least get out of bed, then whip yourself into shape! Modern technology can also help. With a click, a fitness coach and yoga teacher will be at your place with all the necessary equipment. There are even new fitness outfits with electrodes for 10-20 minute exercises, and the effect will be as if you did an hour-long cardio workout.

7. Imitating the good life

Digital dilemma - if you’re sitting at home all the time, how will you show your Instagram followers that you’re interesting, smart and cool? Well, simply order photo rental services. For example, they can bring you stunning flowers and take a photo as if your boyfriend gifted them. Or they will give you an expensive purebred dog that you can hug for a great photo op.

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