Moscow cleaner gets the munchies...but chooses the wrong cookies

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Apartment owners had just returned from the Netherlands – you do the maths!

We’ve all been there: Stealing the odd cookie on the sly while nobody’s watching. One woman did exactly this while working as a cleaner in a Moscow flat - but she was in for an unfortunate surprise.

The owners of the pad had just returned home from a trip to the Netherlands, souvenirs in tow – including cookies. The cleaner pinched some and ended up rolling around on the floor in a bit of a state, Mash Telegram channel reports. As you might have guessed, these were no ordinary cookies...they were packed with cannabis and the poor lady wasn’t hit by a fit of giggles, far from it. She was in fact suffering from cannabinoid poisoning and had to be treated in hospital!

So be careful what you eat, especially if you are doing it secretly.

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