Driving in style: The most popular colors for cars in Russia

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Black, silver and white finished at the top. Pink is the least popular.

A popular website used by Russians for choosing a car, Avito Auto, released data about the color preferences of Russian buyers in 2017. Classic colors remain fashionable, as black stole the show with an almost 18 percent share of all cars sold over the last year. Silver was hot on its heals, comprising 17 percent of total sales.

White and grey followed with 15 and 12 percent, respectively. Among the bright colors the most popular is blue, green and red. Together, they had 25 percent of total annual sales.

The least popular colors are pink, orange and purple. If you see any of these colors on Russian roads, then consider yourself lucky because they comprise only a tiny fraction of the domestic car market; 1 percent in total.

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