Fox family up sticks and move into parking lot on Russky island (PHOTOS)

Vitaly Ankov/Sputnik
Visitors are feeding the ginger critters, which have become an attraction.  

Two foxes and four cubs have made a home for themselves near the oceanarium ticket office on Russky Island (near Vladivostok, 4,000 miles east of Moscow)

The normally timid creatures have grown bold in their new surroundings, and everyday they meet people in the aquarium’s parking lot to beg to treats. The mother fox then shares the day’s haul among her kids. In fact, the animals have become somewhat of an attraction, with people turning up just to feed them.

Russky Island is home to many foxes although more and more are setting up camp closer to human activity. Visitors have been warned by the authorities not to feed them fast food or sweets - it’s better to offer meat or boiled eggs.

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