20 of Russia's most bizarre manicure ideas: Yay or nay?

Noses, Kim Kardashian's best body part, or Gagarin taking off into space – what would you prefer to wear on your nails?

A Russian manicure studio called Nail Sunny recently went viral after congratulating Kylie Jenner on her newborn baby by creating a (slightly creepy) new type of nail art. The studio also invented “teeth nails” - which have features on many news sites.

Nail Sunny’s Instagram account already has 1.6 million followers, and regularly posts videos of manicures and bizarre designs.

Founders Eleonora and Arina Movsisyan confirmed to Afisha Daily that they like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, and are always trying to create new nail art trends. At the moment the company only has studios in Russia, but plans to launch in Los Angeles next.

1. Can you guess who this hip hop singer is?

2. Nails inspired by Cardi B’s outfit from the MetGaLa 2018

3. Kim Kardashian is clearly one of the artist’s idols

4. Teeth nails...anyone?

5. Which one are you from Sailor Moon?

6. A space manicure for Cosmonautics Day

7. Choose your man’s beard design

8. “So that your nails can breathe”... It seems Nikolai Gogol's Mayor Kovalev is not the only one to lose his nose

9. I’m loving it...

10. Just an ordinary spring grill manicure

11. Birthday nails for those who maintain their diet

12. Masha and The Bear is popular in many countries, especially Russia, as you can see

13. Your proof that you visited Moscow

14. When Trump comes to Russia

15. All the stereotypes about Russia on ten nails

16. Perfect Halloween manicure - after this you won’t need a costume

17. Congratulations for a pregnancy...

18 ...and for giving a birth

19. Christmas Nutcracker nails

20. It's London, baby!

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