Huge, record-breaking Russian diamond to go on sale (so start saving!)


If you have a few spare million dollars floating around and want something to spend it on, keep reading...

A unique pink rough diamond (27.85 carat) - unearthed in Russia’s Yakutia Republic by mining giant Alrosa last year - will soon be up for grabs. The company is allegedly planning to cut, polish, and flog it, but it won’t come cheap. In its rough state the stone has been valued at around $14 million, so the price will skyrocket after it’s been spruced up, likely making it the most expensive diamond in Alrosa’s history.

Measuring 22.47 mm x 15.69 mm x 10.9 mm, the stone barely has any imperfections and eclipses the company’s previous record for the largest pink rough: 3.86 carats found in 2012. This find aside, Alrosa has only mined three such stones in the last eight years weighing more than two carats, and said its mining operations discover colored diamonds weighing more than 10 carats about once a year.

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