8 army life hacks for everyday life

Denis Abramov/Sputnik
If you don’t already know how female sanitary napkins can come to the rescue of a real man, I suggest you read on.

1) Sanitary pads are the perfect substitute for a shoe insole because they absorb foot moisture and alleviate discomfort caused by walking and running long distances. 

2) Condoms can protect important documents or even a cell phone if you’re caught in a rainstorm or crossing a river.

3) Learning the art of how to open a tin can without a can opener will make you feel like Rambo.

4) Tin foil wrapped around incandescent light bulbs can heat up a small room.

5) If you forgot mosquito repellent while on a hike in the woods, the best way to be rid of pesky bugs is to use sage. Find this particular herb, burn some leaves near your tent and you’ll sleep like a log!

6) When camping it's best to tie rope or shoelaces around your food rations and hang them on a branch. Otherwise, while you’re asleep squirrels might steal your food, or field mice could treat themselves to your dinner!

7) In winter, to avoid a skin irritation on long hikes in freezing cold temperatures it's best to shave at night and not in the morning.

8) Cool a flask of water by wrapping a wet cloth around it.

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