5 cutest Russian New Year cartoons (with English subtitles)

Russian animation/youtube.com
Play these cartoons on YouTube, curl up on the sofa, and forget all your worries.

1. ‘Winter in Prostokvashino’

A winter episode of a famous Russian cartoon: Fyodor and his pets decide to hold New Year celebrations in the countryside, while Fyodor’s parents try desperately to get to their son in time for the party.

2. ‘Grandfather Frost and The Summer’

My personal favorite is this cartoon with a twisted plot: Grandfather Frost learns that summer exists – he’s never witnessed the season before. He embarks on a journey to experience summer, but almost dies from the heat! Only the children can save him!

3. ‘Nu, Pogody (A Wolf And A Hare)’ Episode 8 – New Year

Another timeless Soviet classic – the Nu, Pogody! (Just you wait!) series, often dubbed “The Russian Tom and Jerry.” There are no subtitles, but there’s no dialogue! So it’s just pure unsolicited fun.

4. ‘The New Year’s Fairytale’

Deep in the woods lives a strange monster who guards the forest. But everything changes for him when little children come to his domain to chop down an Xmas tree…

5. ‘12 Months’

Now, for something more substantial: 12 Months is a Soviet fairytale by Samuil Marshak, a writer and children’s poet. Loosely based on a few European classical fairytales, 12 Months involves adventures, transformations, magical animals, the prevalence of good over evil, and love, obviously.  

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