Russian number plates in America - an epidemic (PHOTOS)
After a California-based Russian Tesla owner was recently compelled to change his registration plate “XYECLA” (from the Russian word for male genitalia), we started to wonder how many of these Russian geniuses were actually out there in the U.S. The results did not disappoint!
  1. The three middle letters in the registration plate “HE***BO” are the exact reason the Tesla guy got busted as well - using the Russian slang term for ‘penis’. It was only fitting that we get the male genitalia out of the way first. 

  1. “CTPAX” (Strakh) - there is so much in the Russian word meaning ‘fear’, especially when it’s staring at you from an imposing car with tinted windows that’s about to make an illegal turn.

  1. “CBETO4KA” (Svetochka) - the Russian nickname for ‘Svetlana’ is very reassuring to see: you know you won’t be dealing with a 400-pound “BORIS” if a problem arises.

  1. But we wouldn’t celebrate just yet: luxury cars are also a favorite with a woman who prefers to go by “EGOISTKA” (egotist).

  1. ...or “STERVA” (a softer word for “bitch”).

  1. And here’s a “PCHELKA” (female bee) in a Lexus. Ok, at this point we’re seriously beginning to wonder what percentage of Russian car owners in the United States are strippers.

  1. Obviously, not all of them: like this guy here, who claims there is a pair of “dumbasses” sitting in the vehicle. Although the word “TORMO3A” (Tormoza) commonly refers to “brakes”, it is also the slang term for the plural of the above insult - and that’s just more convenient for us to think, so we’ll just go ahead and do that.

  1. And here we have “BCE CAM” (“Did it all by myself”). The guy wants you to know he’s self-made.

  1. Unlike this guy, who has “BE3ET MHE” - literally meaning “Damn I’m lucky!”

  1. Here’s a fitting ending to our list. We started with male genitalia, so it’s only logical we come back full circle to this witty guy and his registration plate, reading “****ETS”, the first four letters of which hint at a very rude term for ‘vagina’. The actual meaning of the slang word on the plate here is ambiguous, and can either mean “Awesome!” or “F*cked up”. We don’t think it made much of a difference to the Nobel Prize laureate behind the wheel.

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