Enjoy springtime? Well, here’s a CHILLY hello from Norilsk! (PHOTOS)

Alina Moiseeva
Only a sense of humor helps to survive spring in Russia’s North!

If you think that it’s always snowing in Russia, you’re partially right. At least, when it comes to the Russian Arctic, where the ‘blooming’ spring still looks like the dead of winter! Take Norilsk, the industrial city situated on continuous permafrost. The winter season is very long and snowdrifts can be seen even in July! Nevertheless, locals try to enjoy the ‘warm’ weather (in May, it’s only about -5 Celsius)!

Check out some recent crazy photos of Norlisk’s wintry ‘spring’ as posted by social media users!

1. How to celebrate Labor Day in Norilsk! 

2. Girl Power! 

3. The childhood in Norilsk is like… 

4. May 15. “Finally, they cleared the roads...” 

5. A regular playground in the city in May. 

6. “Just how I like our spring!”

7. Tubing in spring (in Russia, it’s called “vatrushka riding”!) 

8. Crush the snowdrifts!!! 

9. Ways to help the snow melt in spring... 

10. Scenic spring posing! 

11. Somebody, take these drifts away! 

12. Summer is just beyond the horizon… somewhere!

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