The chilled out life of Russian village cats (PHOTOS)

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These aren’t your regular house cats: they prowl the mean streets all by themselves, hunt at night and know every village secret.

1. Surveilling the terrain from inside a warm and cozy lair. 

2. Long-range patrol.

3. Stinging nettles are no match for this village cat, who is probably thinking about snacking on one.

4. “Top of the morning to you too, neighbor!”

5. “Wanna see something freaky? Follow me!”

6. “I’m guarding it - not looking to eat it. Definitely just guarding...”

7. “Again: just guarding.”

8. Monday already? This ginger beauty thinks that you can hit the snooze botton forever and just stay in bed.

9. “Funny I ran into you, granny, what a coincidence, what you got there?”

10. This cat served in the Russian Special Forces and can withstand extremely low temperatures… he’s probably laid booby traps all over the yard as well.

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