12 animals in Russia’s north that have attained Zen (PHOTOS)

Olga Aleksandrova
Ever seen a hare doing his morning workout routine? And what on Earth is a pika? Sit back and enjoy these magnificent scenes!

Olga Aleksandrova lives in the inhospitable northern city of Norilsk, and has been photographing wild beauty for more than four years now. Below are some of her best shots of these majestic Siberian species. And the best part about it is that you don’t even have to wait like a sniper for your target - they just come to you. “All of my models are incredibly photogenic!” she tells Russia Beyond.

1. A hare stretching is a rare sight, but it can be accomplished - just coax it out of the bushes!

2. This Arctic fox looks like it’s just spied a yummy lunch.

3. Don’t believe hares can fly? How do you explain this then?

4. An Arctic fox chilling is a sight to behold!

5. A pika can easily be a stunt double for a guinea pig… especially when munching on something.

6. No pain, no gain!

7. This race dear just decided to quit the sport and do its own thing!

8. Meet the Arctic squirrel. These little guys are a rare sight in the Tundra, but you never forget an encounter - they’re twice as tough as the urban species.

9. Even a baby gyrfalcon looks tough as nails!

10. Emergency fuel ejection.

11. Careful. You’re going to want to yawn yourself when seeing this.

12. These ain’t no snow banks - just partridges doing their thing!

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