How Soviet people spent their time at home (PHOTOS)

This week has been declared a week off in Russia. As a way of tackling the coronavirus pandemic, the authorities urge people to self-isolate at home. This has prompted us to look back at how people in the USSR liked to spend free time at home.

We have written a lot about how Soviet people worked at factories and collective farms, attended mass demonstrations and sent rockets into space. But what did they do at home? Well, Soviet photographers also captured ordinary people's everyday home life.

1. Morning exercises 

Morning exercises, 1960 - 1965

2. Family breakfast 

From the photo essay,

3. Cleaning, usually done at weekends

Gusev is cleaning his apartment, 1958

4. Reading newspapers

People's deputy Pavel Duvanov with his son, 1950s

5. Cooking 

In the kitchen, 1970s

6. Pursuing one's hobby 

School friend Maya Osina with a rabbit, 1950-1951

7. Studying 

Doing homework, 1960 - 1965

8. Enjoying one's favorite pastime 

Apartment of Ivan Maslov, garage director, 1957

9. Sowing, mending, washing, ironing…

Mending tights, November 19, 1983

10. Visiting or receiving guests 

Family celebration, 1969-1974

11. Listening to music

The best Stakhanovite refractory worker, V.N. Bardakov, and his family are listening to records in their apartment, 1936

12. Watching TV in the evening 

A family in front of the TV, 1969

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