What to stock up on during quarantine? Use this shopping list generator!

It will calculate how many eggs and how much rice or toilet paper you will need to survive the pandemic without having to leave the house.

Covid Shopping is a website that helps you compile an optimum shopping list for a set length of time. Select the number of days, number of people in your household and the menus, and the list is ready. This is an option for those who always feel that "something is missing" or "this won't be enough".

For example, the algorithm says that, for a period of 14 days, a family of three adults will need six rolls of toilet paper, 2.8 kg of pasta, 33 eggs, 675 g of pesto sauce and 2,250 g of vegetables and other products.

The website's creator is Russian developer and designer Sasha Koss. "It took one working week to set up the website. I am currently in France, which introduced a state of emergency last Monday. I went to the sea to surf but the police dispersed everyone with sirens and loud-hailers. <...> So I decided to find another hobby and by Friday the website was already up and running," he said.

Sasha tried to make the menu as universal as possible using products that have a long shelf life and are easy to cook. "These dishes are simple to plan unlike borshch or [complicated pasta]. For example, ravioli and pesto don't cost much, have a long shelf life, are quick to cook and are sold in every European supermarket," he says. The algorithm takes into account how many times a day you will eat and evenly distributes everything in equal measure, according to an average portion per person.

Currently the website is available in English, Russian, Czech and Spanish.

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