10 Soviet hygiene posters that’ll come in ‘handy’ right now (PICS)

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With washing your hands becoming especially critical once again, it’s high time to look back to the timeless wisdom of Soviet “wash your hands” posters that just wouldn’t let go of you until you became a changed person!

1. “Did you rush and didn’t wash your hands carefully? Beware, comrade, the TB!”

2. “Dirty hands are a source of infection. Wash your hands after work and prior to eating!”

3. “Dirty hands spell doom. If you wish to avoid illness - be a person of culture: wash your hands before you eat!”

4. “WASH YOUR HANDS after the bathroom, after work and prior to eating. Cleanliness is a precondition to the healthy existence of the worker.”

5. “Wash those hands before you eat”

6. “Visit the banya after work”

7. “Protect your children from intestinal bacteria!”

8. “After work - shower time!”

9. “Don’t be afraid of water - wash yourself daily!”

10. “Comrades, with soap and water, wash your hands before you eat!”

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