The Russian ‘bikini nurse’ is now a meme star (PICS)

Tula news, Zahar Yaschin
The Russian internet is obsessed with the young woman, praising her for “her hard work”.

A nurse in a Tula Region hospital showed up to work in the male ward in a see-through protective suit with nothing but a bikini on underneath. One of the patients took a sneaky photo, and sent it to the local paper, adding that she was merely feeling hot in her protective suit, and did not expect it to be so transparent. The excuse didn’t help, however. The regional Ministry of Health decided to issue her a reprimand. Social media users, however, came out in droves to support her ‘actions’. 

“What a fantastic nurse! Even grandpa got off his ventilator!!” - wrote@redsquare2018. 

Facebook user Shavkat Ayhodzhayev suggested not to punish - but reward the nurse for her “bravery and perseverance at work”. 

“If we had more of these selfless medical workers, we’d all be back on our feet in no time!” An Instagram caption from artist zahar1976 read.

“So little is known about the coronavirus, we need to test out every possible method that helps to recover faster. In female wards, as well…” user @polinovskaya61suggested.

oxycoldillustrator, another artist, showed full support with his work.

Meanwhile, a Russian news forum compared the female nurse to the naked miners in HBO’s ‘Chernobyl’, in true communist fashion:

 - “Greetings, nurse, heroically battling the coronavirus epidemic.

 - “Greetings to you, miner-first responder, heroically battling the nuclear fallout at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.”

A Canadian artist came out with his own offering, as well. 

Even if the nurse is fired for indecent exposure, we don’t think she’s going to have much trouble finding another job - the young woman has already been offered a lingerie modeling contract!

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