Drake, DiCaprio, Eminem and others dance to the beat of Russian songs (VIDEOS)

Getty Images; AP; Legion Media
Popular rappers and Hollywood stars groove to the sound of Russian chanson and release a joint track with Russian pop diva Alla Pugacheva… in the imagination of Russian Twitter users.

Joke videos of stars singing, dancing, and swinging to classic Russian songs have hit social networks. And they look much smoother than the originals.

 Without realizing it, Drake shot the perfect video for Mikhail Krug’s song “Fraer” (“Dupe”) about nostalgia for prison life.

Kanye West “performed” Krug’s better-known hit “Vladimir Central”

Who knows, maybe Shaquille O’Neal and friends really were blasting out Tatu’s smash hit?

Leonardo DiCaprio and Matthew McConaughey feel the beat of Russian rap group Kasta’s “Noise Around.”

Snoop Dogg’s clearly into Russian pop group Na-na’s hit song “Faina.”

Eminem rocked the room with a rendition of “My Girlfriend’s Birthday.” Let's hope it actually was her birthday.

50 Cent (ft. Snoop Dogg) went one further and released a joint clip with the timeless Alla Pugacheva, who gives full expression to her inner gangsta rapper (who’d have thought?). Warning: fruity language throughout.

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