Prom night In lockdown: How Russian graduates celebrated (VIDEOS)

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The coronavirus put a damper on prom night dances in cities across Russia. But that didn’t stop Russian students from finding their own creative ways to celebrate their final day with a bang!

Many young women purchased their dresses well in advance, but, sadly, it turned out all for nothing. Or so it seemed. One high school graduate decided to do a celebratory photo shoot anyway. Here’s what became of it. 

Another girl decided to don her prom dress to do house chores!

Others simply decided to share their creative visions on TikTok.

Some graduates couldn’t secure a restaurant booking, due to a number of places still being temporarily closed. So they simply opted to have house parties. 

One student spent his prom night... on Zoom!

Others celebrated online in Avataria - an Android OS simulator with an online chat feature, where everyone can create their own virtual character.

A group of students decided to paint the symbol for the coronavirus on school grounds - something for the future generations to remember them by!

Other prom couples went the classy route. One of their biggest dreams was to do the traditional waltz at their graduation ball. And it’s not like they were going to pass up on the opportunity! 

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