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Russian schools offer no formal sex education. This vacuum has, however, been filled by popular bloggers assuming the role of sex gurus for teens and adults. You, too, should check them out if you want to spice up your Russian vocabulary.

1. Nezhny redaktor (‘Tender editor’) (933k YouTube subscribers)

Perhaps the most popular sex education show in Russia is hosted by Tatiana Mingalimova, a 25-year-old graduate of the Ostankino Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting.

In 2016, Tatiana worked as the editor of ‘vDud’, a popular interview podcast on YouTube and, a year later, she launched her own show called ‘Nezhny redaktor’. It, too, consists of interviews, mostly with famous Russian women. 

In May 2019, Tatiana updated the format and began posting talks with her friends, in which sex and relationships took pride of place. In a series of cozy chats, the women discuss common myths about first sexual experiences and mistakes made by partners. A separate episode covers venereal diseases and contraception. In addition, Tatiana talks about the culture of sex parties in Russia and once shot a documentary about drag queens (available with English subtitles).

2. Masha, davai! (‘Masha, come on!’) (691k followers on Instagram)

At first glance, the Instagram account of journalist Maria Arzamasova resembles an ordinary travel blog: a beautifully dressed, charismatic woman smiling against stunning backdrops of Kenya, Turkey, France and other countries. You’re just about to like it when - bam (and buzz) - a vibrator suddenly pops up in one of the pics, then another one. Followed by a candid photo of Maria in her underwear holding a pair of love eggs. 

Under a completely innocent photo, this popular blogger might give a detailed story about first menstruation, about giving up sex for six months, about body positivity, or, under a photo in transparent underwear or a swimsuit, a review of the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ or impressions of a trip abroad. 

In this mixed format, Maria teaches how to choose and use sex toys correctly, debunks the main myths about frigidity and, in almost every post, urges people to love their body and not be shy about wrinkles and folds during sex and in everyday life. 

3. Malchishnik (‘Stag party’) (63.4k subscribers on YouTube)           

A man with a hairy chest wearing a neck chain and leopard dress stands against a brick wall. We don’t see his face in its entirety, only the mouth, neck, and torso.

“Here we swear and talk about sensitive topics. That said, we don’t want to offend anyone and very much respect every one of you. We are believers and easily insulted, so be polite in the comments,” begins the disclaimer of the only male show about sex on the Russian segment of YouTube. 

Immediately after that, the viewer is treated to a series of clips from warts-and-all conversations about backsides, breasts and male members. The format is similar to Nezhny redaktor: five guys interview “sexperts” about their professional activities. So far, their guests have included a professional a porn actor, a BDSM mistress, a sex party organizer and a drag queen. The show also touches on serious topics such as feminism, homosexuality in the armed forces and sexual health. 

4. Maria Chesnokova (74.1k followers on Instagram)

“Are you sleeping? Fancy talking about fetishes? I’m bored of all things food and kids-related. <...> Recently I’ve been super-charged with sexual energy and don’t know how to vent it. I guess by going to a sex shop or working,” is how Maria Chesnokova, then simply a mother, launched her little blog about sex back in 2017. 

In her posts, Maria talks about sex toys, answers readers’ questions about orgasms and lack thereof, talks about polyamorous relationships and sex education for children. 

Often, Maria shares her experience of attending sex parties in Russia and other countries, as well as organizing her own such event in Moscow called ‘To spite mom’.

5. KamIn (875k subscribers on Youtube)

This channel, hosted by pretty woman named Asya, is a genuine encyclopedia for anyone who recently started — or is about to start — having sex. Sometimes with friends, sometimes in “10 facts” format, Asya talks about contraception, the structure of the female and male body, teenage relationships, as well as how to avoid mistakes during first foreplay and sex. 

Asya has devoted 2020 to her Instagram account, launching her own platform called ‘Sex education in 5 minutes’, where she shares daily tips on how to support your partner, talks about open relationships and touches on the topics of abuse and lack of sex.

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