Forget IKEA! You need to try these Russian online brands

Maisonette; Krapiva; MY Botanica
Russian fashion designers have already made themselves known on the world stage, but product designers who make furniture for the home and interior decor items are not yet that well known. We want to correct this injustice and introduce you to some awesome Russian online stores from which you can order goods that can be delivered to anywhere in the world!

1. Maisonette - interior design items made by local craftsmen

This platform brings together over 70 small Russian brands making textiles, tableware, items of home style and table setting accessories, as well as home leisurewear. They range from candles and diffusers to handmade ceramics and pottery, linen robes and one-of-a-kind trays incorporating dried flowers. All these unique items are made in small workshops by Russian designers.

Website (in Russian):

Instagram: _maisonette_

2. Krapiva - plants and decorative flower pots

This store celebrates its love for greenery and houseplants. It offers a large selection of succulents and other rare flowers, as well as stylish minimalist concrete planters made in its own workshop. “Live plants in stylish pots have replaced outdated decor such as figurines, photograph frames and candlesticks,” says the shop’s founder Elena Chernina.

Website (in Russian):

Instagram: krapivakrapiva

3. Detailia - posters and badges with fabulous motifs

We rarely notice a bird, a griffon, a lion or a seahorse on the facade of a building, but artists from Moscow and St. Petersburg have offered a creative interpretation of a great variety of fanciful urban architectural details and turned them into striking souvenirs - badges, prints and posters.

Everything is printed by hand and art paper is used for the posters. “We want to show what an amazing and fabulous place the city can be if you slow down and take a closer look,” says Ekaterina Trofimova, the project founder. 

Website (in Russian):


4. the.DOT.home - fabrics for the home from local factories

Quilts, soft children’s seating, rugs and decorative cushions, hand embroidered by young artisans using authentic textile techniques, are among the.DOT.home’s output. The store also makes rugs, furniture, accessories, household linens and bed sheets from natural materials - mainly flax, which the company grows itself.

“We aim to combine design with art and work closely with artists and artisans to make unique limited-edition capsule collections and one-off objects,” the creators of the brand say on their website. The brand has its own production facilities based in historic textile mills in the Ivanovo and Vladimir regions.

Website (in English):

Instagram: thedothome

5. My Botanica - hand-made botanical wall art

Another way of adding natural decor to interior design, aside from living plants, is to display dried plants and evergreens in frames. If you’re tired of posters and canvases, you can decorate your walls with these “living” pictures in natural wood frames, which are maintenance free and will be pleasing to the eye all year round.

The brand grew out of founder Maria Ocheretyanaya’s passion for flowers. She progressed from drying plants between the pages of a book to using a professional herbarium press. Maria also gradually created a plant house and started making designer cachepots and recruiting other designers to make them. Maria says that My Botanica represents a fresh look at phyto design.

Website (in Russian): 

English language version:

Instagram: my_botanica

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