12 things you could say during sex... and while decorating a Christmas tree!

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Russians on Twitter did not disappoint when racking their brains for similarities between these two joyful activities.

“Which phrases could you utter both, during sex and while decorating a Christmas tree?”, asked Twitter user @edithpifpaf. Her subscribers were happy to oblige! 

The question quickly gained popularity with 2,400 comments under the post alone, before being shared by others. We read all of them (well, almost) and picked out the most creative ones!

  1. “So, that turned out nice. Too bad we only do it once a year”.
  2. “If it weren’t for the kids, we wouldn’t even have to go through all the trouble”.
  3. “I got these balls from my grandma!”
  4. “You go to sleep, I’ll finish up here”.
  5. “...and it’s so bare. I like ‘em bushier at the bottom”.
  6. “Let’s do without the toys”.
  7. “I can’t with the cat watching”.
  8. “My beautiful. You’ll be standing till March!” 
  9. “Let’s turn the ugly side towards the wall, shall we?”.
  10. “This isn’t working, maybe I shouldn’t have gotten so drunk”.
  11. “Shall we get some friends over here to help us out?”
  12. “There was somehow more magic involved when we were kids…”

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