Yakutian farmer creates a BRA for his cows (PHOTOS)

Even at minus 60 degrees Celsius, his livestock (voluntarily) go outside to graze and this customized item helps them not to freeze their, ahem, private parts.

These days, it’s about -45°C (-49°F) in Oymyakon, Yakutia, one of the world’s coldest places and local resident and cow breeder Nikolay Atlasov decided to create an unusual gadget for his animals, according to the Siberian Times newspaper

“I am a hunter, my family has five cows, they are our breadwinners,” he says. “They spend winters in a shed, but every day, they go outside even if the air temperature is -60°C,” says Atlasov. 

So his cows don’t freeze, he makes for them warm “bras” from old wool or fur hoods or coats. They are fixed onto the cow with three straps. Such a “bra” keeps the udder warm and saves the milk, locals say. 

The winter temperature in Oymyakon can drop below minus 60 degrees Celsius. The “freezing record” was established in 1933 with the temperature of -67.7°C.  

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