Final days of the USSR in PHOTOS

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Renowned American photographer Peter Turnley is famous for catching moments in human life. The street photography he took while in the USSR during the late 1980s-early 1990s is a great chronicle of the outgoing Soviet era.

1. Soviets line up on the Red Square

2. A Moscow taxi

3. Soldiers sitting on park bench with a child

4. A Lenin portrait on the Bolshoi Theater


5. Lenin banners hanging on the State Historical Museum and traffic on Mokhovaya Street

6. Pedestrians

7. Following Soviet tradition, a wedding party walks on the Red Square in Moscow to have photos taken

8. A generation gap on a bench: old ladies and a young couple

9. Russian youth hanging out

10. Schoolgirls eating lunch

11. Mothers with their babies

12. Muscovites applying for emigration outside an embassy

13. A Russian Orthodox wedding

14. Young woman smoking on a train

15. Westernization of Russia: A line to enter the first McDonald’s

16. A Moscow hair salon

17. A homeless man sitting by a makeshift tent city near the Red Square

18. A Moscow food market

19. At a butcher’s

20. A man pulling children on a sled

21. A Siberian woman at the front gate of her house

22. Women buying milk

23. A line to a food store

24. Soviet-style souvenirs on Arbat street in Moscow

25. A man selling Communist paraphernalia on a Moscow street

26. World War II veterans attending the V-Day celebrations

27. Fallen monuments of former Soviet leaders

28. A patient receiving a breath analyzing examination in a Soviet sanatorium

29. The coup attempt in 1991

30. Mikhail Gorbachev sitting at his desk shortly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union

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