Everyday Soviet life as you’ve NEVER seen before (PHOTOS)

Playing in the sandbox

Playing in the sandbox

Yury Abramochkin/Sputnik
People usually associate the Red Empire with the gulag, terror, total control and propaganda, Communist Party meetings and military marches. However, there were millions of ordinary people, who simply tried to live their ordinary (in a good sense) lives peacefully.

Schoolgirls in a ballet lesson at the Palace of Pioneers, 1962 

A girl posing in a communal apartment 

“New settlers” - Two girls heading off to school, 1966

That’s just me! A girl poses while eating an ice cream 1969

A grandma and her granddaughter at the playground, 1970

Students enjoying a break at university, 1963

Laundry day at a household, 1958

A grandma and her granddaughter sitting on a bench in a park, 1960s

Two Muscovites watching the Moskva River flow by, 1970s

A man reading on the metro, 1960s

Two young men having a smoke break, 1976

Inside Mayakovskaya metro station in Moscow, 1970

Traffic policeman on duty, 1973

Kids playing in a courtyard, 1985

After grocery shopping, 1983

Decorating a car during a wedding reception in a village, 1990

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