What was Russia like in 1991 (PHOTOS)

Peter Turnley/Getty Images
The year marked perestroika and the last days of the USSR, giving the world a brand new country. The Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic turned into the Russian Federation and got its first president, Boris Yeltsin.

Boris Yeltsin gives an interview

A line to a food store in Moscow

A woman at a rally near Lenin mausoleum. The poster says ‘Ilyich [Lenin], we are with you!’

TV director and camerawoman Marina Goldovskaya filming on the streets

Meeting next to the White House in Moscow against the reactionary Soviet coup d'état attempt, the so-called ‘August Coup’ 

One of the first LGBT meeting marking World AIDS Day

Barricades in Moscow during the ‘August Coup’

A cult TV show ‘Field of Wonders’ is still on air. Its first host Vladislav Listyev was killed later in the 1990s

A hospital patient with Lenin’s portrait as a tattoo

Festivities on Red Square

Orthodox Patriarch Alexei II in the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius

Airborne troops

‘Oka’ produced by the KAMAZ car plant

A day in the life of an Arkhangelsk Region citizen

A heavy metal rock festival near Moscow

A Siberian beauty contest

‘Just married’ on Red Square

A folk dance festival 


A demolished monument to KGB founder, Felix Dzerzhinsky

The St. Trinity Seraphim-Diveyevsky Monastery 

Zubovsky Square in Moscow

A sanatorium in Crimea

A street musician in Moscow

Strolling around St. Petersburg

Young rockers in front of Lenin’s monument

American artist Peter Max paints on Red Square 

Restoration of the royal furniture in Gatchina Palace near Leningrad

Orthodox Easter

Happy New 1991 year!

A pet market

Women selling souvenirs 

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