Look into the faces of Soviet WWII soldiers (PHOTOS)

Arkady Shaikhet/Private collection
The most dramatic event of the 20th century took millions of lives. Here are few people that we should be thankful for the great victory.

Pilots looking on

A sapper carrying an undetonated bomb

A worker building a river crossing

A soldier enjoying lunch at the front line

A soldier writing a letter home

A surviving soldier reuniting with his sisters

A tank driver on the lookout

Female aviation commander Yevdokia Bershanskaya posing in her plane

Tankmen standing at attention

A soldier receiving another award

19-year-old sniper Liza Mironova posing with her rifle

A soldier who fought from Stalingrad to Prague having a bite to eat

A machine gunner posing next to his gun

Famous sniper Valentina Kusanova posing with her rifle

Action shot from a battle near Leningrad

Locomotive driver Gulyam Gasanova posing next to her train

A gunman preparing for attack

A medical instructor posing in a field

A civilian patriot receiving a medal

A T-34 squad commander, participant of Kursk battle, smiling for the camera

A pilot posing with a Nazi jet that he shot down

A partisan Kuzma Zakharov

A alpine soldiers having a cigarette break after a long hike

A gunman in the Northern fleet posing with his gun

Fighter pilots posing for a photo

A young partisan hero with his father

Young war hero Vladimir Sokolov posing with a rifle

Stalingrad’s brothers in arms sharing a cigarette

Female sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko posing with her rifle

Civil defenders of Moscow marching on

A female worker preparing ammunition behind the lines

Marines posing on their boat

Camouflaged snipers scoping out the enemy 

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