Female employees of the Russian Penal Service take part in a beauty pageant (PHOTOS)

Federal Penal Service
Twelve women working in prisons are competing for the title of ‘Miss Penal System’.

“My name is Anastasia. They say that it derives from the male name Anastas. That is perhaps why I have always been drawn to male occupations,” says Anastasia Okolelova in her profile. She is one of the 12 finalists of the all-Russia beauty pageant among female employees of the Federal Penal Service (FSIN).

The finalists were selected from nearly 100 contenders who have won in the local contests in their regions.  

1. Anastasia Okolelova

Anastasia Okolelova

In addition to a photoshoot in their work uniform and evening dress, the contestants had to appear in four videos, in which they dance, recite poetry, speak about their region and promote their occupation, trying to inspire viewers to choose a job in the penal system.

“If you want to have a body like that of a film star, join us in the penal service, where they will make you work out hard,” says Anastasia in a video, which then goes to show penal service employees doing multiple squats outdoors.  

‘Miss Penal Service’ will be selected by popular vote on the FSIN website. In the meantime, check out who else is in the running for the title: 

2. Yekaterina Vasilyeva  

Yekaterina Vasilyeva

3. Diana Sat  

Diana Sat

4. Yulia Osokina 

Yulia Osokina

5. Yana Kondrashyova

Yana Kondrashyova

6. Darya Stroganova

Darya Stroganova

7. Indira Farsina  

Indira Farsina

8. Valeria Agoyan

Valeria Agoyan

9. Veronika Shved

Veronika Shved

10. Tatyana Gritsayenko

Tatyana Gritsayenko

11. Veronika Unzhakova

Veronika Unzhakova

12. Darya Tarasevich

Darya Tarasevich

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