Russia’s amazing cultural and ethnic diversity in PHOTOS

In the very different corners of multicultural and multiethnic Russia, there are people who follow the traditions of their ancestors, wear folk attire and try to popularize their authentic culture. The pictures below from different regions depicting this are simply amazing!

1. Sergei Ladykin. Naryan-Mar, Nenets Autonomous Okrug

2. Elvira Avdjan. Adygea’s national costumes

3. Andrei Kostrov. A Russian boy from Nizhny Novgorod

4. Irina Kaminskaya. In the mountains of Adygea

5. Yury Kudryashov. The Turkic culture of Khakassia, city of Abakan

6. Oleg Grechukhin. A nenets kid from Komi Republic

7. Yevgeny Yepanchintsev. Folk festivities in Chita, Zabaikalsky Territory

8. Ramil Nafikov. Bashkir honey

9. Lyudmila Kamneva. An archery festival in Ufa, Bashkortostan Republic

10. Valery Sumakov. Evenk people of Krasnoyarsk Territory

11. Stanislav Nikitin. A lady in a handmade dress weaving at a talent festival in Tver

12. Diana Arye. Volga peoples festival in Astrakhan

13. Yury Kudryazhev. Ancient traditions of Abakan, Khakassia

14. Irina Lozhkina. In a Cossack house in Chelyabinsk Region

15. Yury Kudryashov. Tuva, traditions of ancestors

The photographic exhibition ‘The Power of Tradition: The Peoples of the Russian Federation’ is arranged by The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Polenov State Russian House of Folk Art. Throughout 2022, it’s on tour across Russia’s regions.

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