Why Russians are posting weird phrases on Vin Diesel’s social media account

A quote Vin Diesel never said.

A quote Vin Diesel never said.

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After flooding Jason Statham’s Instagram* account with quotes he never said, thousands of Russian users have now turned their attention to another popular Hollywood actor, commenting on his latest posts with humorous phrases in Russian. Hold on, we’ll help you to make sense of it!

If you visit Jason Statham’s Instagram*, you will find an abundance of Russian quotes – falsely attributed to him – under each of his photos. We’ve previously reported why Russians are fascinated by this actor. Now, Russian users have set their sights on another Hollywood figure, Vin Diesel, and are now posting similar fake quotes on his Instagram account. 

Coming from Statham’s account

A quote Vin Diesel never said.

“Now we write here,” © Statham. This is what Russian users declared, adding “a celebrity has not yet been born that the Russians have not gone to comment on” 

In essence, as soon as the first Russian posted on Diesel's account, others quickly followed.

“I found you dude, came from Statham. Call the others.”

“Who’s here from Statham’s page?”

“What have you done, Jason?” © Vin Diesel.

“Is it just me or has Vin Diesel started posting more often to get more Russians to comment?” Russian users ask. 

“Know Statham’s quotes? I wrote them, © Vin Diesel.”

Most of the quotes that Russians leave behind are not directly translatable into English, due to wordplay. For example: “We must remain us and they must remain them.” ( “Мы должны оставаться мыми, а они оними.”). Nonetheless, we’ve found funny quotes that won’t get lost in translation!

“I’m not Jason,” © Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel has never said this!

Diesel’s most famous role is Dominic Toretto from the ‘Fast and Furious’ saga. His quotes about family values have become memes worldwide and the Russians have also come up with their own, of course, attributing them to the actor’s character, just like in the case of Statham.

“Love your family as much as you love writing comments under @jasonstatham’s posts.”

“Everyone says alcohol destroys families, but no one talks about how many families it has created.”

“Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, friendly family in another city.” 

“You can’t abandon your family, your clutch or your plate after buckwheat.”

“For things to go smoothly in a family, one has to be silky.”  

“You ask me what’s more important: business or family. I’ll say family. And you will leave without ever knowing that I have a family business.” 

By the way, when asked by one of the actor’s English-speaking followers why there are so many Russians posting, a commenter replied: “Because Statham is the greatest Russian star. His wise quotes will be passed down from generation to generation. Vin seems determined to replicate that success.”

Bizarre quotes

Nope, he has never said this.

Not only ordinary users, but also Russian entertainment media and TV channels have inundated his account. Everyone is contributing their own jokes. Besides that, some users also leave completely bizarre comments.

“I don’t promote diesel, © Vin Diesel.”

“I’ll swap a villa in Dubai for a three-room apartment in Sochi.” 

“I’m renting out a room, five minutes walk from the Kurskaya metro station. It’s 26,000 (rubles) per month, plus water and electricity by the meter.”

“A garage for sale.”

And there are some rather robust “quotes”, as well.

“Batteries have one minus and one plus.” 

“At the end of every last race, a new race is born.” 

“Learn Russian, it will come in handy, bro,” © Jason Statham.

Which Hollywood stars do you think will be next for these viral Russian users?

*owned by Meta, a company classified as an extremist organization in Russia

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