Coubs of the week: Jeremy Clarckson's Russian nightmare

Would Jeremy Clarkson dare to test Russian cars?

Since Jeremy Clarkson lost his job at the BBC, there has been talk that he might get a job on Russian TV. We would like to welcome the British TV presenter and show him what cars he might come across in Russia.

We all know what Mr. Clarkson thinks of the quality of Russian cars. Here's a Coub to prove his point.

He probably doesn't even regard them as cars. And he's probably right.

Of course, the ex-Top Gear host can say what he likes about Russian cars, but can an Aston Martin do this?

If your wheels ain't flying...

...there is a way to pimp a Russian ride.

After all this, Mr. Clarkson would probably like to get his job back at the BBC. But there's only one way to do that, which is to travel back in time... In a Lada time machine.

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