Coubs of the week: Spending time at the Russian dacha

Check out all the activities you can do at the countryside

Russian spring wouldn't be so longed-for if not for the extended break that starts in May. It's a time when many Russians get outside the big cities. The most common destination is the dacha. Check out all the activities you can do there.

It's a real pleasure to get outside the city and be at one with nature. And to actually feel it all over your face.

Here, far away from the concrete jungle you can find new living creatures to talk to.

Another good thing is the chance to dance in the fresh air instead of dark, stuffy clubs. But be sure not to disturb the neighbors!

Dacha-time means you can finally stop watching TV on the couch and actually recreate your own movie. Like the all-time favorite Titanic.

In the countryside there are no limits. You can be anyone you want, for example, a professional cook .

If none of this is for you, you can still enjoy a little bit of freshness.

And the most important thing! Make sure to take friends along with you!

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