Fancy plate: Can you guess what these delights are made of?

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Rustam Tangirov, one of Russia’s most renowned chefs and winner of numerous culinary competitions, nevertheless considers cooking to be a very complex process. For example, when you have been conjuring culinary magic for so many years, the dish’s decoration is just as important as the recipe. Both must be impressive. Want to try it yourself?

Name restaurantName restaurant

Rustam Tangirov, head chef at Moscow’s Name restaurant and a renowned culinary art winner, welcomes you to look behind the haute cuisine scene in order to expand your horizons in how dishes should look like. We guarantee that you’ll definitely be amazed at he chef’s culinary art! 

Quail pâté

Name restaurantName restaurant

This is a decoy dish, part of the trend that has been given a new lease of life in recent years. Look closely, neither nest nor eggs are real: they are made from fried vegetables and quail pâté, respectively. We doubt that any housewife has cuttlefish ink in her kitchen; it’s used for creating little spots on the eggs, but it's haute cuisine after all!

Reindeer meat with pumpkin and pine cones

Name restaurantName restaurant

Hey, that’s the tundra in miniature right in your plate! Reindeer meat and reindeer moss, lingonberry and pine cones, wild apples and native grasses join together to create just the right environment, and the right taste. Don’t forget about the plate itself: doesn’t it also resemble the vast tundra?

Stones with vanilla cream

Name restaurantName restaurant

We Russians are so tough that we even eat stones! Ok, not every day, but only when we have poor harvests. Well, well, to be perfectly honest these stones are not stones but meringues; one more decoy dish for you. Seriously, you can take the stone and bite it, and even find the tenderest cream inside!

'Winter in the North' dessert

Name restaurantName restaurant

Talking of tough Russians and their harsh climate: have you ever witnessed the real Northern winter? Now you have the chance while your plate is covered with hoarfrost - or is it… a cheesecake?!

Scallop creme brûlée

Name restaurantName restaurant

By creating his extraordinary delights Tangirov invites you to a journey through the vast and diverse Russian lands. This dish welcomes you to the shores of the Bering Sea: stone-like meringues, seagrass sorbets, cuttlefish ink crumbs and scallop creme brulee. It could hardly be possible to match the sweet ingredients with the shell, yet here it is, picturesque and tasty!

Wild crab in the wild

Name restaurantName restaurant

It’s a rare opportunity to try the crab in its own chitinous carapace. All the more so when it comes from the renowned village of Teriberka on the Bering Sea where a strict harvesting quota is in effect. But this one seems that it hasn’t even left its habitat: seaweeds, moss, pine twiglets, birch leaves and even a plate resembling the northern lights make perfect company.

Herring with bread and potatoes

Name restaurantName restaurant

This dish seems to include terre-a- terre rye bread, herring, potatoes, spring onion and cucumbers, but there is no still-life painter who could resist depicting it.

Christmas tree decoration 'Hard sugar ball'

Name restaurantName restaurant

Who broke this Christmas ball?! Oh wait, why is it covered with icing sugar? This decoy dish expresses the Russian New Year spirit perfectly well, with its snowy appearance and tangerines inside. No Russian could imagine the New Year without tangerines!

Carrot cake with different textures

Name restaurantName restaurant

This carrot cake seems to defy all known possible ways how carrot can be cooked. Here you can try carrot butter, carrot sorbet, carrot cream, carrot jam, carrot crumbs - let lone carrot cake itself! That’s a real carrot party, not only tasty but also helping to improve your eyesight.

'Early winter' cheesecake

Name restaurantName restaurant

‘Game of Thrones’ has already warned us that winter is coming. Tangirov shows how early winter looks: autumnal leaves powdered lightly with the first snow. In fact, it’s a cheesecake powdered lightly with yoghurt.

'Marble' celeriac

Name restaurantName restaurant

Russians are devoted meat eaters, but the Lent fast is a special time, and it has given rise to this picturesque dish. Be aware that not only meat can be marble but celeriac as well. A special cooking technique revealed only at some Michelin-starred restaurants is used, and we can only say that beetroot juice is involved.

Beetroot and pomegranate ravioli

Name restaurantName restaurant

Welcome to another completely Lenten and perfect dish. This one is completely beetroot, as well. But it’s ravioli! Much like that carrot cake, this dish combines many flavors and textures of beetroot: sorbet, butter, sponge and ravioli itself! A burst of red.

Edible lipstick, chocolate and strawberry

Name restaurantName restaurant

This masterpiece is already Tangirov’s trademark and claim to fame. Look, that’s edible lipstick, an incredible decoy dish. Made of chocolate and strawberry, it becomes the perfect delight for a lady. Just be careful because it’s easy to drop into your purse thinking it’s the real thing!

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