Vox Pop: Why the events in Biryulyovo happened

Moscow riot police faced off against an angry crowd in the Biryulyovo district of southern Moscow on Sunday night, 13th October. RBTH correspondent asked people in Moscow's streets why did the events in Biryulyovo happen and what measures should be taken to prevent a set-back?

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On Oct. 12, in Biryulevo, a spontaneous rally formed, demanding the arrest of the murderer of Yegor Scherbakov. The next day, near the site of the murder, another spontaneous rally took place, and this one developed into a riot.

During a raid on a vegetable warehouse in the south of Moscow, police detained 1,200 migrants, as police officials reported on Oct. 14. The detainees were taken to the police station to check for criminal records.

The raid was conducted after an altercation that caused massive unrest. On the night of Oct.10, in the south of Moscow, 25-year-old Yegor Scherbakov was killed. Reportedly, he had been standing up for his girlfriend, who was being harassed by a man who appeared to be from the Caucasus. During the altercation, the man stabbed Scherbakov with a knife.

The Russian Investigative Committee reported on Sunday that Shcherbakov’s murder had been referred to the Investigative Committee's Department for Investigating Grave Crimes.

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