Guess this ice cream flavor? Moscow expats do a blind taste test

These folks perform a blind taste test of the most unusual kinds of ice cream you can find in Moscow. Will they be able to guess the right ingredients?

Moscow’s Gorky Park is a perfect place on a hot and sunny afternoon — especially when there is an ocean of ice cream available.

Usually this refreshing delight is made from milk cream or frozen yogurt laced with fruit or berries, but that’s not the case today. It is much more fun to make ice cream from tea and flesh it out with the unexpected taste of ingredients such as pinecones, birch sap, linseed and rye malt.

These are some of the flavors you can try at Chaynaya Vysota (website in Russian)tea and ice cream house. They have more than 100 crazy and unusual ice cream flavors in stock, including several you could never imagine being used for making ice cream. If you don’t know for sure what kind is being served to you, then it is impossible to guess which one it is. Or is it?

We asked eight expats living in Moscow to sample Chaynaya Vysota ice cream and try to guess the right ingredients. To raise the bar, there were two flavors served and only one minute to guess, so they had 30 seconds to ponder each one.

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