New Kalashnikov RPK-16 light machine gun

The new RPK-16 to replace the ageing RPK-74 light support weapon.

The new RPK-16 for 5.45 mm cartridges is an upgrade of the Soviet RPP-74 machine gun.

This model has a Picatinny rail, making it possible to fit it with any type of sights, from night to thermal to collimator to optical sniper sights.

According to its designers, the machine gun can be used to fire single shots and hit 20-cm-diameter targets from a distance of 300-400 meters (according to its technical and tactical characteristics, the machine gun can hit enemy personnel at a distance of 800 meters).

The machine gun has got a lighter 96-round drum magazine. The weapon now weighs just 4.5 kg.

Video provided by the TV Channel "Zvezda".

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