Hungry in the sky: 13 Russian airline meals that will make your stomach rumble

Warning: Side effects include salivation and an unplanned trip to Moscow.

1. Aeroflot

What is lunch one mile up like in Russia? Aeroflot, the country’s largest airline, serves famous Zhiguli beer on selected flights, as well as salad, a main course, and pudding - of course. 

Sometimes the dessert will surprise you – traditional Russian pryanik: Gingerbread.

2. S7

The popular airline serves different meals in bright greenish boxes. Travelers can enjoy traditional Russian buckwheat and “Alyonka” waffle cakes.


3. Yamal Airlines

Ham, cheese, salad, and a hot lunch on the international flight from Moscow to Tivat in Montenegro. 

Traditional Russian sausages and pasta on the Tyumen-Moscow domestic flight.

4. Azur Air

Besides the traditional hot lunch, the Azur Air charter airline serves “Artek” waffles that every Russian knows from their childhood.

5. Rossiya

This meal is on offer during the St. Petersburg-Novosibirsk flight: Pasta with meatballs, cake with apricot jam, wheat roll, butter, and rye bread.

6. Nordavia

The regional air company Nordavia is based in Arkhangelsk and - you guessed it right - operates mostly in the Russian North. One traveler labeled their food “ascetic” but well presented.

7. Ural Airlines

“I’d like to praise Ural Airlines. I ate buckwheat on the airplane for the first time. It’s real Russian food and it was delicious. I was pleasantly surprised.”

8. Nordstar

A regional company from Siberia serves Russian buckwheat with boiled sausages and pasta with a cutlet. 

9. Red Wings

You can’t escape dill in Russia - even in the air. Oh, and some dumplings to go with it.

And more buckwheat for lunch. 

10. OrenAir

Chicken, beans, and traditional sauerkraut with cranberries.

11. Aurora Avia

Lunch during the flight from Siberia’s Krasnoyarsk to Khabarovsk in Russia’s Far East.

12. Yakutia

Salty red fish and delicious cake aboard the Yakutia airlines flight.

13. PolarAir 

Would you expect to see this traditional Yakutia dish in the air? This is stroganina, baby! It’s prepared with frozen fish and it’s finger licking good!

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