Where to find farm-grown food in Moscow?

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Freshly baked bread, goat cheese and crispy cucumbers are not easy to find in Moscow supermarkets these days, but we know where to look.

Did you know that 60 percent of Russians watch their diet, and over 40 percent do their best to eat healthy? (In Russian) 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Russian capital has many shops where one can find organic food items straight from the farm. 

1. LavkaLavka

When one thinks about farm-grown food, the first shop to come to mind is the LavkaLavka farmers’ cooperative, which has its own quality control to ensure that each item is of the highest quality. Goat cheese, eggs, cucumbers, and etc. – the website has a wide range of items and you can see where they come from, as well as learn about the farmers.  

“All food items have stickers with the LavkaLavka logo and a description,” said Marina, who shops online. “There’s information about the farmer, the date of production and term, as well as storage conditions. I really liked it because the majority of farm shops don’t specify these ☹” (In Russian)

LavkaLavka also has six offline stores, mostly in the city center where one can taste any food item before buying. 

 2. Danilovsky Market

Another place popular with healthy food fans is Danilovsky Market near Tulskaya metro station. In addition to one of the city’s best food courts, the market also features a variety of food straight from the farm that also went through strict quality control. 

“Here you can taste a variety of cuisines from around the world without leaving Moscow,” said one customer, Alexander. “This place has its own vibe and natural farm foods.” (In Russian)

Here, you’ll find chicken from the Tver Region for 199 rubles ($3 per 1 kg), or milk with a natural percentage of fat for 100 rubles ($1.5 for 0.93 liter) – all available to order online, or via the Ginza Delivery Service mobile app.

3. Dorogomilovsky Market

Located not far from Kievskaya metro station, Dorogomilovsky Market is one of Moscow’s largest, especially popular among local restaurants and housewives.  Popular for its extraordinary range of food, one can even find exotic fruits here, not to mention organic foods from local farmers. Regular visitors share their opinion:  “The prices are high, but the tasty bread and fresh mutton are worth it.” (In Russian)

4. Biostoria

Biostoria on Leninsky Prospect features a range of items from bread and milk to cosmetics and detergents. Also, it has its own farms certified to meet European organic standards. They also cooperate with local farmers on regular environmental checks. 

“There’s an impressive variety of no yeast breads and gluten-free products – you won’t find this anywhere else. All the pastries and desserts contain only natural ingredients,” said a happy customer, Anna. (In Russian)

5. Ekomarket in Konkovo

Another fertile place for all things healthy, Ekomarket on Profsoyuznaya Street, (Konkovo metro station), has a food court that caters to all tastes, and it features a food market with farm-made cheeses, fresh chicken and meat, dairy products, craft beer, and more. “An awesome array of organic foods;” “food for any taste;” and “a pleasant place to shop and dine” – this is what people say about it. (In Russian)

6. Sferm.ru

The online farm store, Sferm.ru, has one of the largest selections of farm foods (more than 5,000 items), and works with dozens of farms across the country. There is information about each farm from which an item comes, and it promises to deliver fresh farm products in about 24-36 hours after they’re ready. It also has an express delivery service (2-3 hours), and if something goes wrong they pledge to return your money. 

“I’ve ordered food products here for a few years already,” shares Vera. “Always excellent quality, even the veggies and fruits in-between season are good. Very tasty fish – sea bass, dorado – with spices. (In Russian)

7. Vkusvill

Vkusvill stores offer only top quality organic foods. Each item from local producers is subjected to thorough checks in a number of laboratories that ensure quality and authenticity. One can order food online, or visit one of the offline stores across Moscow. 

It has everything from freshly baked bread of the Tula Region, or asparagus from a farm close to Moscow. Plus, there’s an opportunity to get a loyalty card that helps save money if you plan to shop there regularly. 

“The rice is amazing here,” said Olga, a regular visitor. “It has a great smell when you cook it and it’s completely different from what you find in other shops.”

Need some tips on how to eat healthy? Check out this advice from Russians: Forget burgers and deep-fried chicken wings. Get some grechka, kefir, and greens.

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