6 edible shampoo recipes from Russian women

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Looking for something cheaper than a trip to the spa for your hair treatment? These food-based shampoos are just the ticket.

1. Egg shampoo

This shampoo works well against hair loss. Eggs are full of protein, animal fats and vitamins. For medium-length hair, take 2 eggs and 1 glass of warm water (you can infuse it with herbs or chamomile). Whip up the eggs in the water, and stir. The shampoo is ready. Work it into your scalp thoroughly and rinse with warm water. Repeat the procedure, or even leave in for 5-10 minutes as a hair mask before rinsing. With water and lemon juice. This will lead to soft and shiny hair.

2. Rye bread shampoo

Another shampoo perfect for fighting hair loss. Take a bit of rye bread and soak in warm water for 20 minutes. Spread the results evenly across the scalp and leave in for 20 minutes, before washing off with warm water. Rye flower works just as well for the recipe.

3. Beer shampoo

This used to be popular in the 1920s. Hops are really good for giving your curls a stronger hold. Just make sure your beer isn’t pasteurized. 

For the shampoo option: take a glass of beer and empty into a pot, boiling for 15 minutes until half evaporates. Let sit until cool and add to one glass of ordinary shampoo (natural shampoos work best), mix well and use.

To use as a conditioner: wash first with ordinary shampoo, dry slightly with towel, then apply warm beer to the hair and scalp, letting it drip off, while massaging the roots for around 5 minutes. Wash again with warm water if you don’t want the smell of beer to stick around… or not - it’s up to you. Using beer gives your hair a slick look, with tips looking more healthy.

4. Mustard shampoo

Mustard isn’t just a spice, you know! Mustard shampoo is capable of getting rid of that fatty shine and add some volume, if that’s your thing. Dilute 1 tablespoon of dry mustard in 2 litres of water and add ½ teaspoons of sugar. Wash and rinse out with warm water.

5. Starch shampoo

Another hair loss shampoo.Massage the starch into your roots and wash with warm water from a spray. Then massage for 10-15 minutes and remove the remaining starch with a dry towel and by brushing.

6. Garlic shampoo

This recipe is recommended, again, for hair repair. Garlic juice works well to irritate the scalp, drawing blood and stimulating blood flow and the growth of stronger hair. 

Peel fresh garlic cloves (8-10 pieces), and wash, then grind small, adding several drops of various oils to taste, as well as vegetable oil (no oil for fatty scalps), knead together into a paste and empty into a bowl. Mix in natural shampoo 2 to 1, stir and pour into a shampoo bottle. You can keep it in the fridge for a week. To see results from this method, it’s best to repeat the procedure 2-3 times a week for 3 months. 

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