Watermelon quark cake: An ideal summer no-bake Russian dessert (RECIPE)

You definitely need to try this fantastically beautiful cake!

You definitely need to try this fantastically beautiful cake!

Yulia Mulino
Can spinach and quark truly be combined to make a delicious cake? Just ask the Russians!

Quark is a favorite in Russia. No need to say how healthy it is because of the calcium. There are a number of classic recipes with quark that are popular among Russian children: 'syrniki', fried cheese cakes; 'vareniki', dumplings; 'syrki'; and sweet quark bars in a chocolate glaze. Sometimes, however, you want something new, like the no-bake 'watermelon' cake. 

This watermelon cake is fantastic for several reasons. First of all, it contains sweet and creamy quark filling. The second secret healthy ingredient is spinach, which gives a natural green color to the watermelon rind; not to forget the fruit jelly with chocolate drops in the middle. Finally, this cake is a beauty, and resembles a real slice of watermelon. 

Now, about the ingredients. When thinking over this recipe, I decided to use creamy liquid quark, which is more common in local supermarkets and perfect for this cake. The fattier the quark the better since it will be tastier and the calcium is absorbed more readily from fat milk products. Speaking about the cookies, I chose tender butter cookies. They’re sweet, so you don't need extra sugar for the crust. Of course, you may use dry low-fat cookies. 

In order to give extra freshness and flavor I added lime zest to the cookie and spinach crust and strawberries to the watermelon core. 

You’ll need some extra tools, like a culinary ring and a piping bag, as well as a bit of patience to make this dessert. But you’ll definitely be rewarded with compliments from your family! 



  • White cookies - 150 g
  • Spinach - 40 g
  • Butter - 15-20 g
  • Lime zest 

Creamy part:

  • Creamy quark - 200 g
  • Powdered sugar - 60 g
  • Vanilla paste - 5 g
  • Water - 25 ml
  • Gelatine - 5 g 

Watermelon core:

  • Watermelon - 150 g
  • Strawberries – 100 g 
  • Gelatine - 10 g
  • Powdered sugar – 60 g 


1. Soak 5 g of gelatine in water.

2. Place cookies, spinach, butter and lime zest into a mixer cup and bring everything to a homogeneous mass.

3. Take a form of 16 cm, protect the bottom with a plastic film. Spread the cookie mass over the walls. Put the form into a fridge while you are making the filling.

4. Mix cream quark with sugar powder and vanilla paste.

5. Warm up a bowl with gelatine using a bigger bowl with hot water. Stir the mess till the gelatin dissolves. Make sure that the water is not too hot, otherwise gelatin may lose its quality.

6. Mix gelatine mass into the quark. Prepare the piping bag and pour the quark in.

7. Cover a culinary ring with film and place it in the middle of the form.

8. Pour the quark into the form. Carefully put the form in the fridge.

9. Blend pieces of watermelon and strawberries, add a bit of sugar. Place the gelatine into a part of the watermelon mixture and keep for 10 minutes till it is soft.

10. Check the form with a quark filling. It should stabilize. Remove the ring carefully. Use a knife if it doesn't go.

11. Warm the gelatine again using the hot water bowl, and add it to the rest of the watermelon mixture.

12. Pour the fruit juice into the central part of the cake.

13. Wait a bit so that the middle stabilizes, and decorate the core of the "watermelon” with chocolate drops. Let the cake stabilize in the fridge.

14. In one hour go ahead and impress your family. They’ll be delighted.

15. Enjoy!

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