9 Moscow restaurants that won over the Michelin experts

White Rabbit restaurant.

White Rabbit restaurant.

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We explain what earned Moscow restaurants their Michelin stars, and what you should try there.

1. Artest

Two Michelin stars: Chef’s Table (1st floor); recommendation: Fireplace Hall (2nd floor)

Artest is located in a two-story 19th-century mansion in central Moscow. On the ground floor is the Chef’s Table (where guests sit at the same table and are personally served dishes from the chef); on the second is a hall with a fireplace. The restaurant, opened only at the beginning of this year by experienced Russian restaurateur Arkady Novikov, takes its name from the first three letters of the given and last names of Artem Estafiev, a young chef from St. Petersburg. Estafiev already has experience of several large restaurants in Russia’s two capitals under his belt, plus internships in Spain and France. Artem uses farm products and creates his own innovations in the restaurant’s “laboratory”, where he makes vinegars from vegetables and berries (carrots, chokeberries, etc.), experiments with Japanese koji mushrooms, and keeps products at high temperatures. The exquisite cuisine is complemented by wines (more than 400 on the wine list) and unusual cocktails based on kombucha and fermented products.

What to order: “Vremya” set, blackened vegetables and fruits.

Average check: 15,000 – 20,000 rubles (Chef's Table) / 2,800 – 9,000 rubles (Fireplace Hall)

Address: 15/2, Trubnikovskiy Pereulok street

Website: artest.rest

2. Twins Garden

Two Michelin Stars, Green Michelin Star, Best Service Award

Since 2017, brothers Ivan and Sergey Berezutsky have been serving creative and hi-tech dishes to guests at their Twins Garden restaurant. In their own laboratory, the chefs combine gastronomy with science: they ferment products, print food with a 3D printer and use freeze drying. Also installed here is a “kinetic farm” with products hanging in the air – symbolizing the 100-hectare farm in the Yaroslavl region from where most of the products are supplied. Part of the farm is located in the forest, so the restaurant always has seasonal berries, herbs and mushrooms at its disposal. The farm also rears goats, cows and poultry, and produces cheeses.

Far Eastern shrimp dumplings with strawberries, asparagus and trout caviar.

In addition to the main menu, you can order the “Rediscover Russia” set with local products from different regions of the country. The second set meal with the telling name “Vegetables” gives you a taste from the tops to roots. The picture is completed by 14 varieties of wines made from vegetables, mushrooms and herbs (how do you like wine made from tomatoes or boletus?!). The restaurant is famed for its extensive wine list, which is more like a book, featuring over 1,000 labels from all over the world.

What to order: “Rediscover Russia” set; Far Eastern shrimp dumplings with strawberries, asparagus and trout caviar.

Average check: 2,500 – 15,000 rubles

Address: 7th/8th floor, 8A, Na Strastnom Shopping Center, Strastnoy Bulvar street

Website: twinsgarden.ru/en/

3. White Rabbit

One Michelin star

The restaurant is located under a glass dome on the 16th floor of the Smolensky Passage mall and offers a stunning panoramic view of Moscow. The restaurant’s brand chef, Vladimir Mukhin, is ranked the ninth best in the world, according to the Best Chef Awards. He experiments with alternative sources of protein and new technologies, including sensory food design (where color, shape and sound affect how the dish is perceived). Each signature set that Vladimir presents at the chef’s table is an audacious gastronomic performance.

Okroshka with brine and white milk mushrooms in an ice dish.

What to order: “Black Swan” set; okroshka soup with brine and white milk mushrooms in an ice dish; Borodino bread with coconut lard; apricot with black caviar.

Average check: 2,500 – 12,500 rubles.

Address: 16th floor, 3 Smolensky Passage Shopping Center, Smolenskaya Ploschad square

Website: whiterabbitmoscow.ru/en/

4. Selfie

One Michelin star

Another establishment from the White Rabbit Family alliance offering modern, original fare. Here, chef Anatoly Kazakov riffs on Russian themes, using French techniques. The dishes speak for themselves: Sakhalin scallop with morels and cauliflower; turnip, rutabaga and turnips with honey and feijoa; Pozharsky cutlet with cucumber ketchup and mashed potato with black truffle.

Pigeon with Jerusalem artichoke and soaked cowberries.

What to order: Pigeon with Jerusalem artichoke and soaked cowberries; crab, millet, Poshekhonsky cheese and sweet Abkhaz lemon jelly in celery root.

Average check: 2,500 – 7,000 rubles.

Address: 2nd floor, 31 VEB.RF Retail and Business Center, Novinsky Bulvar street

Website: selfiemoscow.ru/en/ 

5. Sakhalin

One Michelin star

Sakhalin serves a mix of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, built around fish, shells and other seafood from the Russian Far East. As desired, guests can select them from the icebox or aquarium in the center of the restaurant, which, inter alia, amazes diners with its 360-degree panoramic views of Moscow from the 22nd and 23rd floors. The head chef is Aleksei Kogai, who has worked in the pan-Asian style for the White Rabbit Family alliance since 2011.

“Goldfish” rolls; Tiramisu in the form of a can of black caviar.

What to order: “Goldfish” rolls; Sakhalin salad; Tiramisu in the form of a can of black caviar.

Average check: 3,000 – 11,000 rubles

Address: 22nd floor, Azimut Hotel, 8 Smolenskaya Ulitsa street

Website: sakhalin-moscow.ru/en/ 

6. Beluga

One Michelin star

This restaurant is located on the second floor of the luxurious National Hotel overlooking the Kremlin. Beluga is described as a restaurant of Russian delicacies: its menu boasts more than 20 types of caviar and one of the world’s longest vodka lists. The head of the kitchen is Evgeny Vikentiev, an avant-garde chef from St Petersburg, who effortlessly combines pike-and-foie gras pelmeni with hay-and-mushroom broth, cheesecake with crispy reindeer lichen, and grape snails with buckwheat.

Octopus with coconut kefir and eggplant; Grape snails with buckwheat.

What to order: “Theory of New Delicacies” set.

Average check: 2,500 – 12,000 rubles.

Address: 2nd floor, National Hotel, 15/1 Mokhovaya Ulitsa street

Website: belugamoscow.ru/en

7. Savva

One Michelin star

Located in the historic building of the Metropol Hotel, a stone’s throw from the Bolshoi Theater and the Kremlin. The menu contains four main “stories” from chef Andrei Shmakov: “Healthy Lifestyle”, “Dacha”, “Farm” and “Russia”, each consisting of four dishes. For example, the “Russia” set tempts diners with duck-and-cherry borsch and muksun with warm potatoes. There is a separate menu section with six types of caviar (served with buckwheat fritters, potatoes, pickled cucumbers or smetana), plus more traditional offerings, including desserts. Andrei Shmakov, who created the menu, joined the Metropol kitchen in 2013, after previous stints in Estonia and St Petersburg, having trained at the legendary Noma in Copenhagen and Chez Dominique in Helsinki.

Beef jerky and smoked beetroot with parmesan and mustard ice cream.

What to order: Beef jerky and smoked beetroot with parmesan and mustard ice cream; salmon, cod and halibut pie with asparagus and herb and caviar sauce; pie with pine nuts, chocolate, chanterelles and pine-flavored ice cream.

Average check: 2,500 – 6,000 rubles

Address: Metropol Hotel, 2 Teatralny Proezd street

Website: savvarest.ru/en/ 

8. Grand Cru

One Michelin star

This wine restaurant in a prestigious area of ​​Moscow near Patriarch’s Ponds is run by French chef David Hemmerle, who has experience of working at exclusive restaurants in France and the UAE under his belt. Hemmerle’s menu at Grand Cru is rich in seasonal, local produce combined with expertly prepared sauces. Très français.

Stuffed farm chicken breast with chanterelles.

What to order: Stuffed farm chicken breast with chanterelles; young carrots and ginger sauce; tart with Kamchatka crab mousse and pike caviar.

Average check: 3,000 – 7,000 rubles

Address: 22/2 Malaya Bronnaya street.

Website: grandcru.ru/en/

9. Biologie

One Michelin star, Green Michelin star

Opened about a year ago, the Biologie gastrobar with its laconic menu is located in a wooden building in a Moscow suburb; the dining area is decorated in a chalet style. Chef Ekaterina Alekhina adheres to the tenets of conscious consumption, respect for nature and minimal food waste in the kitchen.

Grilled scallop with beurre noisette and cream based on spent coffee grounds and pears.

What to order: Grilled scallop with beurre noisette and cream based on spent coffee grounds and pears.

Average check: 2,100 – 4,000 rubles

Address: 30/2 Lenin street, Ilyinskoe village

Website: biologie.ru/en/
Average-check information comes from the Michelin Guide.

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