12 trucks that are the pride of the Russian automobile industry

Some Russian trucks were cloned from Western vehicles, but the unique models dreamt up on home soil leave their American counterparts in the dust.

1. AMO-F-15

The first Soviet truck: The AMO-F-15 appeared in 1924 and was based on Italy’s FIAT 15 Ter. It served as the basis for the first Soviet bus of the same name, and the first mass produced armored car - the BA-27.


The GAZ-AA was created in 1932 and was copied from the U.S. Ford-AA - but with several changes. With almost a million vehicles produced (around 985,000), the GAZ-AA was the most common truck in the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century.

3. ZIS-5

This was the first Soviet truck to be exported en masse - in the 1930s. It was widely sold to Spain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Romania, the Baltic States etc. During the Great Patriotic War, it became the main truck of the Soviet Army, both on the front lines and in the rear.

4. GAZ-51

During almost 30 years of production (1946-1975) 3,481,033 cars were produced, making the GAZ-51 the most numerous Soviet truck from the 1950s to 1970s.

5. ZIS-150

The ZIS-150 is reminiscent of the International Harvester K-7, in fact its cab was cloned from the American truck, but the other parts were designed by Soviet engineers.

6. ZIL-130

One of the most successful and popular trucks in the history of the Soviet automobile industry. Reliable and hardy, the ZiL-130 was in production for over half a century, from 1962 to 2014.

7. KrAZ-255

This Soviet 6x6 truck was used for both civil and military purposes. It was especially popular among Engineer troops - its different modifications helped build pontoon bridges and excavate areas of land.  

8. GAZ-66

The GAZ-66 was the USSR’s answer to the German Mercedes-Benz Unimog trucks. Unlike most of the other Soviet trucks, it is much smoother. However, the huge minus is that can’t transport a lot of cargo.

9. KAMAZ-5320

The first truck designed by KAMAZ, the 5320 is considered the most popular of the famous car producer.

10. Ural-4320

During the 2005 flooding of New Orleans, rescue operations were undertaken mainly on Ural-4320 trucks that belonged to the Mexican Naval Infantry. American trucks failed to traverse the flooded streets of the city.

11. BelAZ-75501

Introduced in 1991, the BelAZ-75501 became the largest and last Soviet haul truck. This giant was over six meters tall, 15 meters long, and eight meters wide, and could carry a 280-ton load.

12. KAMAZ-54901

Despite the newest Russian truck - the KAMAZ-54901 - borrowing several parts from Mercedes-Benz Actros, it will be 20 percent cheaper than its donor.

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