A cat-amputee in Siberia gets all paws 3D-printed

Veterinarian clinic 'Best'
A veterinarian in Novosibirsk is rescuing pets that are usually put down and is giving them a second life.

Dymka the cat from Russia's Siberian city of Novosibirsk tragically got all four paws and tail frostbitten and was rushed to a veterinarian clinic. Doctors knew they had to amputate all the damaged limbs - and usually stray animals are put down in such circumstances.

Dymka and her vet Sergei Gorshkov

However, local vet Sergei Gorshkov is not one to give up. He engaged engineers and Siberian scientists to help develop bionic prosthesis for Dymka. The new legs were 3D-printed out of titanium and covered with a special layer of bio-tissue, similar to bone tissue, in order for the prosthesis to set naturally.

Dymka the cat after the surgery

Seven months have passed since the surgery and the cat is doing extremely well! Long live Dr. Sergei Gorshkov and his Good Samaritan initiatives. By the way, Dymka is already the second cat to get bionic prostheses on all four paws with the help of Sergei!

Dymka and Ryzhik, the first cat with all four 3D-printed paws in Novosibirsk

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