Designers create a palette of Russia-specific colors (PICS)

Visual Communications Studio Presium
Sneakers in the color of a Russian wooden hut, a handbag the color of Russian spring slush and an iPhone in the color of a babushka’s rug: A design bureau in Moscow has created an array of colors from everyday things familiar to every Russian and applied them to fashionable clothes, accessories and gadgets.

Moscow-based design studio Presium has developed a palette of eight Russia-inspired colors and shared it on its Instagram account.

“When creating this project, we were guided not only by Russian, but also by international trends. For example, modern fashion often uses references to the Russian tricolor, Khokhloma and Gzhel patterns. Take, for example, the Vetements brand, which had T-shirts with a tricolor logo in its 21/22 collection. Our interpretation of the colors of Russia goes beyond the usual combinations, because we wanted to show not only canonical images, but also those that are closer to the everyday life of every Russian,” says Maxim Gorbach, partner and Design Director of studio.

The palette consists of eight colors, each inspired by familiar attributes of Russian life.

  • Marshrutka Yellow – inspired by the color often seen used by minibus taxis, a popular means of transport in Russia;
  • Izba Green – inspired by the color of a typical Russian wooden hut;
  • Komunalshik Orange – inspired by the color used for standard municipal services vehicles;
  • Vesna Grey – inspired by the color of the sleet covering Russian streets in the spring;
  • Panelka Blue – inspired by Russia’s ubiquitous panel buildings;
  • Babushka Red – inspired by the color of a babushka's favorite rug;
  • Seledka Purple – inspired by the color of one of the most popular New Year dishes known as ‘herring in a fur coat’;
  • Derevo White – inspired by the white color used in Russia to paint the trunks of trees to protect them from adverse temperatures and insect pests.

The design studio has also come up with some suggestions as to how these colors could be used in modern design. For example, this is what Nike sneakers in the colors of Russian minibus taxis, huts and birches would look like:

While the colors of municipal services vehicles and spring sleet would go well on a Louis Vuitton handbag.

The color of ‘herring in a fur coat’ would be perfect for a Tesla car: In a car like this, the designers say, “one would not be ashamed to show up at grandma’s feast”.

The famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg would look good in the color of a typical panel high-rise in Russia.

While, an iPhone in Babushka Red would project additional gravitas, the designers say. Presium ironically suggests channelling a share from the sales of each smartphone in this color towards additional payments to old-age pensioners in Russia.

According to Maxim Gorbach, the studio has already received several proposals for cooperation from various companies.

“We are really inspired by the idea of making the palette widespread and localizing many design items,” he adds.

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