Russian neural network creates CRAZY emojis based on text (PHOTOS)

Now anyone can create their own set of emojis which can be used as stickers for Telegram. However, more often than not, the results just look creepy!

Experts from the Russian banking system Sber have created a neural network dubbed ‘Emojich’ that generates emojis based on text. The neural network is based on the ‘ruDALL-E (XL)’ neural network - we wrote about it here. Anyone can access the service through a Telegram bot.

In order to create a set of emojis, you need to go to the bot, click ‘Start’, and enter any word or expression - the bot understands both Russian and English. 

It takes roughly three minutes for the neural network to create the images and then you can save them to Telegram as stickers and use them to communicate with other users. 

This is what the bot comes up with at the request, “Cute kitten”.

Some of the stickers turn out quite strange:

"Karate grandfather":

And here’s what “Russia Beyond” stickers look like:

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