Geotagged: Putorana Plateau, a Siberian kingdom of rocks and water (PHOTOS)

Sergei Fomin/Global Look Press
Can you imagine a mountain massif more breathtaking than the Grand Canyon? These sites with an area greater than the UK will amaze you.


One of Russia's most inaccessible places, the Plateau Putorana, is a volcanic massif covered with forests, lakes and waterfalls. About 100 years ago the plateau was entirely unexplored, and the first outsiders appeared here only in the 1930-40s. Until that time only the local Evenki nation roamed the area with their deer herds. Today, well-prepared extreme tourist groups visit, but there are still places where humans have never stepped.


The weather is unpredictable, and the harsh Siberian winters change into overly hot summers that carry swarms of mosquitos. However, sometimes in the middle of July snow is possible, and guides talk about how 10 years ago a group of tourists were caught in a summer snowfall. They could only walk eight kilometers in three days, moving carefully, afraid of breaking legs, waiting until the snow melted. In the end, they were so exhausted that they didn’t even finish the planned route. Experienced tourists consider autumn the best time to visit, when one can enjoy the vibrant red and yellow colors, and dine on wild berries while the mosquito swarms tend to disappear.


One of the most beautiful areas is Lake Lama and its nearby waterfalls, especially Neralakh. Local tourist agencies offer guided hiking routes, and some of the most picturesque sites can be reached by boat. Standing atop the waterfall requires much caution: every year some people die in tragic falls. Guides sometimes even have to hold onto tourists as they snap photos. One of the most amazing experiences is flying above the plateau on helicopter, but it's quite expensive.

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