You need to look at these haunting drone photos of Russia’s abandoned places (PHOTOS)

Kosmaj Project
Russian photographers are documenting the country’s eerie side from above. Sign up to their Instagram page: The Kosmaj Project.

Imagine how much time, energy, and effort went into designing these amazing objects that have been left to the mercy of the elements. The Kosmaj Project (named after the Kosmaj Mountain, Serbia) is an Instagram and YouTube page highlighting the country’s most bizarre and striking places. 

It was created in September 2017 by travelers Alexander Sukharev and Anastasia Ryakovskaya. "The idea to create a project came after visiting the Balkan countries, where we were inspired by the abandoned monuments of Yugoslavia," Anastasia said. "We were especially so impressed with the Kosmaj monument near Belgrade, that we named our project after it and placed it on our page logo." Alexander and Anastasia are always searching for interesting and cool photos with the help of their two friends: Alexei and Pavel. "We try to look at familiar things from a completely different view," Anastasia said. "Our motto is: there are no unsearchable places - only people who don't know how to search."

1. The Korsakov ghost ship, Sakhalin Island

2. Derelict Aniva nuclear lighthouse, Sakhalin Island

3. Abandon ship! Primorsky Territory

4.  Religious symbol? Tver region

5. Out of service Mi-2 helicopters

6. Abandoned factory in the Kaluga region

7. Camouflage. Near Monino Air Force Museum

8. Stuck in the ice. Ships in Kronstadt, Leningrad region

9. The Krasnodar Reservoir is often called the Kuban Sea

10.  The debris of vehicles in the Moscow region

11. White bird, Moscow Region

12. The lost ships of Teriberka, Murmansk region

13. The aviation cemetery in Monino, Moscow region

14. Old 19th century church in the Lipetsk region

15. Wooden church in Tver region

16. Outgunned. Deserviced tanks in the Moscow region

17. Koptevo district, Moscow

18. One of the oldest temples in Russia, Karachayevo-Cherkessia

19. Russia’s second largest monument to Lenin, Dubna, Moscow region

20. Abandoned hospital in Moscow

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