St. Petersburg’s white nights through Instagram's lens (PHOTOS)

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From late May until early July this city becomes even more romantic with nights effectively turning into eternal dusk.

The summer day never ends above the Arctic Circle, and some Russian cities are just far enough from it to get a glimpse of the natural phenomenon called, ‘White Nights’. The sun sets only for a few hours and it never actually gets really dark on the streets.

St. Petersburg is a famous destination to enjoy this experience. Tourists from Russia and all over the world flock to the city to enjoy the boat rides on the canals and night walks along its beautiful streets.

Beware! The atmosphere there is so romantic that you can easily fall in love with a stranger… just like Dostoevsky’s character of the ‘White Nights’ short story, who thought he met the love of his life, but… Well, read it for yourself!

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