15 breathtaking PHOTOS of night time Moscow

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The Russian megapolis never sleeps and reveals many hidden beauties when it gets dark!

1. A starry night outside the city center

2. Ostankino TV Tower up close

3. The very heart of Moscow - the Red Square and St. Basil Cathedral

4. Moscow City business center (and the Moscow State University in the background) 

5. Is this New York or Moscow City? 

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6. A samovar brewing tea in Tchaikovsky cafe

There are plenty of restaurants working 24/7 in Moscow (Find the best ones in our list

7. If the city doesn’t sleep, nor do its offices 

8. The Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Russia’s main Orthodox church

9. ‘The cathedral of science’ as it’s called in Russia - Moscow State University

10. The Shukhov radio tower, also known as the Shabolovka tower.

There is an interesting story behind this steel hyperboloid structure - read it here! (Getty Images)

11. GUM department store on Red Square has always a festive illumination

12. The Kremlin and Bolshoy Kamenny Most (Big Stone Bridge) over the Moskva river

13. A 540 meter Ostankino TV tower is actually the highest construction in Moscow - and can be seen from different ends of the city

14. Summer lightning cuts the night sky

15. Crowd gathered to watch fireworks 

Usually arranged for big holidays: Victory Day on May 9, Day of Russia on June 12, the city's birthday on the first weekend of September, New Year's and many more. 

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