Siberians go to the beach to enjoy… ICY dunes! (PHOTOS)

In Yakutia, Russia’s coldest region, locals catch rays on permafrost beaches.

1. What city slicker doesn’t dream of a glacier on a hot summer day? Lucky locals in Yakutia just have to go to the Buluus glacier (100 km from Yakutsk, the capital of the Republic)! 

2. Buluus means "glacier" in Yakut. This is a unique place: it’s a source of groundwater, which turns into fresh water ice above. The glacier never melts - not even in summer! 

3. “It’s so cool to sit on ice during the heat, at least for a couple seconds!” – tourists joke on social media.

4. In summer, you can enjoy fabulous scenery here. Just imagine: +30°C (in Yakutia, summer is usually short, but can get very hot!), green grass, thick pine forest – and a giant, white glacier. 

5. In the heat, Buluus’s upper layers can melt slightly, forming winding tunnels across the glacier. 

6. Every day, this amazing place attracts a huge number of tourists: Ice skaters, skiers and snowboarders in winter - backpackers, hikers and adventurers in summer! 

7. Sometimes, Buluus is simply the perfect place for taking self-portraits! 

8. Some pics are so ‘hot’, it’s surprising the glacier hasn’t melted! 

9. However, the temperature on the glacier surface never rises above +6°C - even on the hottest days! 

10. But locals aren’t afraid of the cold: in winter, temps reach up to -70°C! People often joke that it’s warmer to sit inside a fridge, than to walk on the street! 

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