Top 7 natural wonders for the best Instagram shots in Russia

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Pack your bags and head to Russia’s most beautiful and photogenic sites of natural beauty.

1. The Valley Of Geysers

One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Valley of Geysers counts among Russia’s most stunning natural wonders, making it a perfect backdrop. It might be a challenge to reach Kamchatka’s erupting geysers because the only means of transportation is a helicopter, and this makes the destination somewhat expensive.

2. Altai Mountains

The serene scenery of a greenish lake, a forest on both edges of the frame and a magnificent mountain as backdrop – expect nothing less than a stunning shot in this perfectly pristine Siberian location. It is scattered with rivers, valleys, mountains, and hollows. Here are some tips on how to get to the region.

3. Lake Elton

For dreamy and even ghostly shots go to Lake Elton. This destination was popular with some Russian tsars, albeit for a different reason: mineral-rich mud that supposedly has a therapeutic effect. Pictures taken here today look like they’re from the world's end.

4. Orda Cave

This 5-kilometer underwater cave inside the Ural Mountains provides for a unique photoshoot opportunity. The cave is made of gypsum and is filled with crystal clear water transparent enough for a high quality shot: visibility stretches as far as 46 meters. It’s suitable for divers, but only those who are experienced are allowed to dive here.

5. Avacha Bay

Rocks stick out of the water, mirror reflections of the mountains, and the occasional cinematic fog over green hills – this is what gives Avacha Bay an extraordinary allure. Located on the southeastern coast of Kamchatka Peninsula, it has an entry point in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

6. Lake Kezenoyam

This beautiful scenery can be found on the border between Chechnya and Dagestan in Russia’s North Caucasus. The brightly lit water is filled with plankton and is surrounded by steep hills – all this provides an exceptional  background for a photoshoot .

7. Ruskeala Park

Located in Karelia, this site is yet another one for great shots. It’s dominated by forests and fjord-like water passages that go between steep rocks. Photographers will find the park an exceptional delight,  with its well-lit cave and many lush locations in the forest. There are certainly more reasons to visit Karelia – click here to check them out.

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